Chaaye Khana


Chaaye Khana

Over seventy assorted blends of tea from world over, continental breakfast, salads, soups, sandwiches and your favorite bakery items

The idea for Chaaye Khana was born from our love of tea.
A cup of doodh patti in the evening, the Peshawari Kehwa after dinner, and of course, the morning cup of special tea to wake us up.
This is what our culture is about, this is the benchmark of our hospitality.
We went in search of the best tea leaves we could find locally and internationally. From this search came exotic teas, and the perfect blend of high quality tea leaves mixed especially for our chai.
Passing on our love and enjoyment of tea to our customers is a pleasure. We delight in serving cup after cup of steaming tea to our customers, along with a carefully selected menu of snacks that are the perfect accompaniment to the tea.
For those looking for something more filling, we have a selection of local and international dishes that will delight their taste buds.

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